A Letter From Santa...

Dear Tom, Smiles for Christmas Volunteers, School Coordinator and Donors,


Again this year I had the wonderful adventure of visiting with you, the Smiles of Christmas high school coordinators, and your other helpers celebrating the Smiles of Christmas. At the celebrations this year at McClintock High School and Basha High School all the children, regardless of age, arrived with much anticipation to have a great time.


The Smiles of Christmas volunteers happily and successfully joined in with the little ones to have a wonderful time at the activities or taking pictures. At Basha High many children visited with me. Yet I learned that the three volunteers who decorated Santa’s chair and tree were graduating this coming year. The mystery is who will do the decorating this next year?


Each child made requests for Christmas gifts clearly and thoughtfully. It always amazes me the variety and types of requests that each child makes. No two requests are exactly alike. Of course, some children want amazing toys and games that do all sorts of things. Other children want clothing.


Some children want gifts for their family members. Finally, some children ask that they may be with their families. All these requests go onto my grand Christmas list to be dutifully considered with the help of my many elves. A few children still needed to make a list and give it to their parents so that their mom or dad could mail it to me at the North Pole.


This year along with the photo booth we were joined by Snow White who talked with the many children. She even posed with children in the photo booth. What fun!


Because so many children are nice and the Smiles for Christmas volunteers and high school companions did so well, my job of checking twice went much, much easier this year and gave me more time to pack the sleigh on Christmas Eve.


Thank you Tom for inviting me each year to these wonderful celebrations.


I urge all the children who came this year to be good so that we may all get together again in the coming years and keep those wonderful Christmas smiles. For those who graduate from high school or the younger ones who go onto middle school, don’t forget us. Follow us on the new web page.




Santa Claus